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What We Do

We can provide motor boat design services starting with a basic preliminary design and ending with production drawings and files. We don't necessarily do everyhing on every boat we work on, some of our clients, for example, prefer to hire us only for the exterior design or just to develope the hull lines, we are perfectly happy with that and we are used to cooperate with other designers, naval architects and engineers.

We always keep budgets in mind and we design things according to our clients needs.  We always design boats that are buildable and, if the client demand for it, we can design boats that are very easy to build.

Our strenght is knowing boats very well and being able to deal with almost all of the different aspects of yacht design. 

Preliminary Design 

During the preliminary design stage we prepare a profile sketch and the preliminary GA of the boat.

Hull Design

Some of our clients ask us to focus on the hull lines development, while the shipyard or other designers take care of the other aspects of the design process. We have quite an extensive list of succesfully navigating hulls, among which some are 70/80 knots racing boats. We have been using CFD to validate our design for years.


Exterior Design

You already have a perfectly seaworth and performing hull and want us to create a beatiful exterior design based on it ? No problem. We like to design timeless exteriors, trying to stay coherent with the current trends, we know the history of leisure boats and yachts because we love them. We focus on boat design, and we have been obsessing on boats for all of our life. Some of our creations have been around for many years and still look fresh and stunning. This is our strenght, we try to design boats with a long life cycle so that our client's  investment will last in time. We also know very well how boats are built so if our client's budget is limited we know how to design boats that can be built with fewer moulds and minimal complications. 

Interior Styling

We do interior styling and decor and we provide the client or shipyard with 2D GA, detailed 3D surfaces and renders. We do not prepare deatiled production drawings as we are not an architectural firm. 

Technical Design

We can help on the technical stuff as well. FRP structural design, stability, weight calculations.


Federico Fiorentino

Yacht Designer, has been creating motor boats and yachts from 2004, succesfuly  collaborating with a number of shipyards on more than 60 projects. A deep passion for boats goes hand in hand with a strong interest for technological innovation, be it 3D printing, CFD, advanced rendering engines or AI applications.


The Team






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